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Cremation Services

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Compare cremation costs for direct cremation services

Cremation Services By The Sea, has become a leader in the Palm Beach and Broward Countyareas. Funeral homes will generally charge premium rates for a simple cremation. In fact, many funeral homes in Palm Beach County have aggressive tactics and claim to be low cost providers. Be cautious of when choosing a cremation provider that advertises gimmicks. Many of the families which we service, thank us for our upfront and transparent approach. It appears that some funeral homes wish to race to the bottom line or low ball pricing, be warned, this will effect the services which they provide.

At Cremation Services By The Sea, we not only stand by our prices, we stand next to you throughout the entire arrangement process. We utilize the most current platform available in the business for completing cremation forms or purchasing merchandise. Do not place a loved one into the care of a sales team, or someone who is willing to negotiate the planning for your loved one. Our services are never compromised by our affordability. 

We are not only proud to service your family, we are honored. Our promise is to always be there for you and your loved ones during these difficult times. Our staff is professional, understanding and experienced. Our services when matched with other funeral homes and cremation providers is unmatched. We are independently run and offer direct cremation services to the public, without the hassle. This is not the time to be mislead, choose a local leader with honest cremation costs. Our average cost of cremation is about half that of local funeral homes.